Stackable Food Storage Saver

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The innovative design of the BlenderBottle GoStak allows athletes to carry
multiple energy drinks, snacks, supplements, or other items inside a single,
existing container. The GoStak starter set includes four separate jars of
incrementally larger capacity, which can then be stacked and locked into
place with a simple twist. Each jar seals tightly and is highly durable, so
there’s no risk of leaks or one drink diluting another.

The GoStak system is an efficient, easy way to have both your pre and post
workout fuel kept cool within an arm’s reach. You can also store a protein
snack in one of the jars or keep your keys there rather than loose at the
bottom of a gym bag. GoStaks are fully customizable and add a new level of versatility to the traditional sports bottle.

Starter set include 4 jars of incrementally larger capacity
Jars twist and lock into place when stacked in any sequence
Stain and odor resistant
3 largest jars will fit inside BlenderBottle Classic or BlenderBottle SportMixer
Color: Clear jars with Black lids
Jar sizes: 150cc, 100cc, 60cc, 40cc