Skull Ice Cube Mold Tray

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Ice cube is a small block of ice that is made in a freezer.
This intently needed to add cold to the drinks you wanted to
drink. But a block of an ice cube is boring now, people
nowadays wanted to have a new look for a certain thing.
Introducing 3D Skull Ice Cube Mold gives more looks and
beauty, such as a touch of horror, to your drinks.

3D Skull Ice Cube Mold is durable and a flexible silicone
and won't crack or break like a normal plastic ice tray. This
moulder can be a great gift for all skull lovers, can also be
perfect for Halloween parties and any theme parties you are
going to prepare. Expect people to be amused with your
new 3D Skull Ice Cube Mold.

3D Skull Ice Cube Mold
Food Grade.
Leak Free.
Microwave Safe.
Dishwasher safe silicone ice cube tray with lid.