Silicone Stretch Storage Lids

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Superior Quality. Be careful with look-alike products. Ours have been
thoroughly tested, and they are made from a stronger material that won't
tear or slip off. Despite the thick construction, they stretch better, and
provide a more sturdy lid.

Super Stretchy. Packed with elasticity, these things can expand to fit many
shapes and sizes of containers, and then contract to create a strong hold.
Easily Adaptable. Round in shape, but effective on various containers with
different geometry. Place on square or rectangle dishes just as easily as
round or oval ones. With several sizes in each set, you are sure to have one
for anything you need to cover.

Totally Reusable. Unlike plastic wrap, baggies and other disposable storage
items, these can be used over and over again. They will retain they're shape
and ability for many years, and they are easily washed when dirty.
Temperature Resistant. Safe for hot or cold conditions, you can use these in
a freezer, a refrigerator, a microwave, a conventional oven and more.

Dishwasher Safe. Easily hand washed due to the silicone construction, but
also safe for cleaning in a dishwasher for added convenience.
Extra Clingy. The material itself is pretty darn sticky, but added ridges on the
interior provide extra grip on smoother materials like glass.