Rotating Storage and Organization

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How much time do you waste looking for right spice or cleaning product? Using this unique organizer is sure to cut the search time in half! Stack shelves for added storage space and once you need something, just turn the turntable and it’s right there. With such easy access, it makes cooking, cleaning, organizing and everyday living that much easier!

Size:29cm x 16cm x 9cm; fits containers with a 2- ¾" diameter. Innovative Storage: Built in turntable allows easy access to anything you put in it. Take advantage of all possible space. No more unorganized cabinets through your house.

ersatile, compact design makes it the perfect tool for organizing every room in your home. Adapt to any space so you can store spices, spray cans in your garage, or other items. Package include: 1 x Rotating Storage and Organization.