Rechargeable LED Flashlight

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1. Equipped with 4 light source lamp beads, white light is suitable for daily lighting, yellow light is suitable for eye protection and reading, blue light is suitable for night fishing, UV light can be used for scorpion catching, banknote detection, etc.

2.This product is made of waterproof material an d can be used normally in rainy days.

3. USB charging method, more convenient and safer

4. Telescopic zoom and heat dissipation, Efficient annular grille for heat dissipation, which can extend the life of the flashlight

Product parameter

Lamp beads: T6+2XPE+UV/4 core P50

Material: Aluminum alloy

Dimensions: 143×40×33(mm)

Power supply:18650 battery/26650 battery

zoom method: Telescopic zoom

Lumen: 1000 lumens(4 color light)/2000 lumens(P50)

Charging method:USB charging

Weight: 173g

Lighting mode: 6 modes(4 color light)/3 modes(p50)


1. The lamp beads of this product are divided into four-color lamp beads (White T6 +Yellow XPE+Blue XPE+UV light) and P50 lamp beads (only white light), please choose carefully.

2. There are 6 working modes of four-color lamp beads, white light mode (High-Low-SOS), long press the switch to turn on the other three colors

3. There are 3 working modes of P50 lamp beads, and SOS mode needs to be turned on by long pressing the switch.

4.26650 battery capacity is greater than 18650 battery, longer power supply time, better working effect, it is recommended to buy

Package list

Choose four-color lamp beads or P50

A:1x LED flashlight 1x USB charging cable

B:1x LED flashlight 1x USB charging cable 1x Hight quality 18650 battery

C:1x LED flashlight 1x USB charging cable 1x Hight quality 26650 battery