Mini Fire Extinguisher Lighter

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1. Stay away from fire to ensure safety when recharging. do not fill while smoking;
2. Some qualified butane gas should be used because of poor quality gas can damage the lighter or reduce the life span;
3. Please turn the lightest upside down when recharging the common models. then aim to exit the gas tank and cover the lighter intake. forcibly press several times and hold for about 2 seconds at a time. there may be residual gas in the gas tank when the gas tank can not be recharged. you can leave the exhaust gas 1-2 times with a small screwdriver aiming the intake at this time and refill;
4. You can release the nut entry with a screwdriver or other tools and follow the above steps when a Ronson lighter is being refueled.
Tighten the nut after recharging. But it can not be too tight, otherwise the cover will not be tight, the sound cover is not sharp and the gas can escape.