Foldable and Portable Iron Mat

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IRON ANYWHERE Spreads and attaches to metallic surfaces Four magnets at four corners to position the Ironing Mat on a suitable metallic surfaces . Flexible and foldable, stores compact Also works over a dryer, on the floor, over a counter, on bed , on kitchen table, on many suitable surfaces & anywhere ! Perfect for travelling or small apartments .

Attention: Task to be performed by adults:
1. Spread the Magnetic Ironing Mat onto any level, flat , dry, clean and stable. Heat-proof metallic surface such as a washing machine, clothes dryer etc..
2. The Magnetic Ironing Mat has four magnets located in each corner to anchor the Magnetic Ironing mat in place onto the chosen metallic surface.
3. Ironing the garment according to the manufacturer ’s instructions, on top of the Magnetic Ironing Mat.( Iron not included )
Package including: 1 Pieces Ironing pads.