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Glasses is great for using a laptop or reading a book in bed while lying flat.It is helpful for you to protect your cervical vertebra.

Changing the sight perspectives of wearer, breaking the rules of watching things, allowing users watch the images in front of them naturally, conveniently, comfortably and distinctly in a lying position Precisely aligned glass prisms show half a page of an average hardcover book.Eliminates the need for the head movements.

Amazing glasses can effectively prevent and lessen the fatigue and discomfort of the neck, the lumbar vertebra and the shoulder portion.

You can wear the prism glasses only or wear it over your ordinary glasses (include prescription glasses).


Material: Premium Plastic Frame, Metal Hinge, Glass lens.

Color: Black 

Item weight: about 75-85g 

Leg length: about 135mm 

Frame height: about 30-45mm 

Frame width: about 143-153mm

Bridge: about 15-18mm