Instant lift double eyelid sticker - 300 pairs

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Instant Lift Double Eyelid Sticker is the instant, non surgical eye lift designed to quickly and easily lift sagging, drooping eyelids, mono eyelid to a double youthful shape. They are made from a safe, comfortable, hypoallergenic, medical grade material. They can be used with or without most of your favorite cosmetics. Application is fast and easy and the results are truly astonishing!

A single application lasts all day. Apply with your morning makeup and take off before bed. Use every day or as desired. This is a must for special occasions and photos when you want to look your best. Want an eye lift without the high cost, risk, and recovery time of eyelid surgery? Try Instant Lift Double Eyelid Sticker and get a safe, quick, affordable eye lift, instantly!

✅ Eye charm made to give you the look of bigger eyes
✅ It makes thin eyelids clearly visible
✅ Shape & transform your eyes with eyelid tape NO pain or risk of surgery, create a up eye youthful lift to your lids
✅ Easy to apply make-up after eye charm on
✅ Also good for those who want to enhance their eyes
✅ Continuous use of eye charm makes your eyelids permanent without surgery
✅ Excellent air penetrability and makeup applicability.
✅ Breathable and comfortable
✅ Quantity: One pack (300 pairs, 600 pcs)
✅ Size: S/L