Genie Ice Cube Maker

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Space Saving Ice Genie is a manual ice maker that'll save you space in your freezer by replacing up to 10 traditional ice cube trays. It'll hold up to 120 cubes at once, enough for a group of friends or family members. It consists of a solid inner chamber and an outer chamber that's made of flexible blue silicone. The airtight inner chamber is the one that'll hold onto your ice cubes, while the outer chamber freezes them to your satisfaction. You'll also use the textured inside of your outer chamber to help you squish and break up your cubes after they're done freezing.


Holds up to 120 ice cubes with the unique double chamber design.
Outer chamber freezes the ice cubes. Inner cylinder stores them.
Saves a lot of space in your freezer. Keeps your cubes fresh and odor-free with the airtight lid.
Quickly chills bottled beverages. Dishwasher safe.

How To Use:
To get started with your Space Saving Ice Genie, you'll need to fill the entire thing with water.
Put the spill-proof lid on it and place it in the freezer on a flat surface.
Leave it there for at least a few hours to allow the ice within to freeze.
After your ice cubes are frozen, you can take your entire cube holder out of the freezer and separate the inner chamber from the outer chamber. Dump the ice in the flexible silicone of the outer chamber to break your ice up into small pieces. And voila! You can now use the cubes with your favorite drinks.