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Now you can sit all day, on even the hardest chair, and still feel comfortable! Egg Sitter Support Cushion honeycomb design is constructed of Elastic Core that absorbs pressure points by collapsing in on itself. That’s why even this egg won’t break under pressure! Plus, the Egg Sitter’s elasticore stays cool to the touch, and allows air to circulate underneath. Now long days at the office will be more comfortable, dinner more enjoyable, and painful car rides a thing of the past.

Most chair cushions do a mediocre job at supporting your backside. But they usually are bulky, get too hot, and have a hole cut out in the cushion to accommodate your tailbone. The Egg Sitter™ support cushion supports your backside so well that you can sit on an egg without breaking it! Sit on the hardest surface and still feel comfortable.

Use on your chair in the dining room, the in the car, and at the office. It’s time to say goodbye to sore muscles from sitting all day at your computer or lower back pain from driving long trips


Size: 43 * 41 * 3.5 cm