Easy Picture Hanging

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East Picture Hanging helps you hang decor items quickly and easily, every time.
Use the to hang pictures, mirrors, and clocks quickly and accurately.
Works with all types of hanging hardware including wire, frame hooks, d-rings and keyholes. The exact nail position and includes built in vertical and horizontal levels. The products are used in a convenient way to watch and use.

Simple and practical it will be your family's little helper.
1. Visually hang your art where you want every time, with no measuring needed.
2. Metal pins mark exactly where the nail goes eliminating 'oops' holes.
3. Domom™ Picture Hanging Tool marks exactly where the nail goes making hanging groupings and galleries a breeze.
4. This tool has it all. A single hook to hold up to 10 lbs and a double hook for larger items up to 20 lbs. There's even a built-in level.
5. Simply place your picture frame or other item on the hook, find the right spot on the wall, press the button to mark where the nail goes, hammer the nail in, then hang and level it. You're done.