Durable Dog Leash Automatic Retractable With Water Bottle Bowl - 22x16x5.5

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"I love it, it made my life much easier. I am no longer carrying water bottles nor trash bags with me. I highly recommend it!"

5 pet walking essentials all in one!

The Leash includes Leash, Water Bottle, a Waste bag dispenser, and a Hook for used waste bags.


Keep your dog always hydrated! 

There are many times when we go out in a hurry and completely forget about bringing a water bottle for the dog. Now with the new Leash, it contains a water bottle and a bowl to use at all times. 


The last Dog Leash you will need to buy!

It made dog walking a lot more efficient with its slick design, no one can tell if it's a water bottle and a waste bag dispenser at the same time!

It's recommended by a lot of dog owners, everyone loves how convenient it is.