Dog Chew Toys Pet Toothbrush Rubber Bones Teeth Cleaning

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1. Molar bump design: Molar has high bumps and 360 fully surrounds the molar bumps. Two different bump methods can be used to clean different positions of the oral cavity and have a good molar effect.
2. Teeth cleaning design: double teeth cleaning design, like a human toothbrush, can double clean pet teeth.
3. And it's a convenient way to load and retrieve dog food: you can put multiple dog food directly from the food leak. 
4. Comprehensively clean the dirt and calculus of all dogs' teeth to ensure the dog's dental health every minute and every second. 
5. Apply pet toothpaste or attractant to the teeth cleaning channel to better clean the teeth of pet dogs. 


Material: TPR+Nylon
Size: 150*50*45MM
Color: Blue, Red

Package Content:
1 x Toothbrush Rubber Bones