Baby Spoon Bottle Feeder

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Capacity: 120 ml
Material: spoon head, bottle body [food grade silicone], other food grade PP
Disinfection: can be 120 degrees or less, boiled or steamed
It is used to feed semi-liquid complementary food, bottle-grade liquid silica gel, as long as the bottle is gently squeezed, the food will flow out from the spoon hole, which is convenient for feeding, allowing the baby to smoothly transition to the solid food stage.


Convenient one-hand function

Suitable for milk, recipes, rice, paste, porridge, etc.!

Very easy to wash

First, the product material
   Bottle body: silicone, high temperature resistance 120 degrees, can be disinfected
   Spoon head: polypropylene (PP), high temperature resistance 180 degrees, can be disinfected
   The link of the bottle head: polypropylene (PP), high temperature resistance 180 degrees, can be disinfected
   Cover of the spoon head: polypropylene (PP), high temperature resistance 180 degrees

    Adapt to age: 3 months


Second, the standard
   Bottle capacity (90ml)

Third, the characteristics
   Made of ultra-soft silicone and twice the thickness of a normal nipple, it ensures the maternal feeding and ensures no damage during breastfeeding.
   The breast-like design allows the baby to open his mouth to the full extent of the suction movement.
  Fourth, the characteristics of the bottle
  Easy-to-grip shape; safer and more environmentally friendly glass material for added peace of mind.
  Five, frequently asked questions
   A: Is the bottle of “Natural Reality” series also equipped with a needle hole?
   P: “Natural Reality” wide-caliber nipple is designed with venting valve. It is an inverted triangle structure. It does not need to use a through-hole needle. It only needs to be soft by hand during cleaning. Therefore, there is no pinhole in the “Natural Reality” series.
   A: What is the role of Neisser powder applied to the “naturally sensible” pacifier? is it safe?
   P: For the purpose of protecting the "naturally sensible" nipple aperture, the white powder is a safe grade powder that has been tested by an authoritative testing agency (reported) and is safe and harmless. Use only by gently washing with water before first use.

Fourth, matters needing attention
   1. Wash and disinfect the bottle before each use, put it in a sanitary place after cleaning, avoid contact with insects and bacteria, and protect your baby's health.
   2. The milk cap of the bottle can not be rotated too tight or too loose, so as to avoid the deformation or leakage of the nipple and affect the normal use function of the nipple.
   3. Please check the nipple and bottle regularly. Once damaged or deformed, please replace it in time for your baby's health.
   4. Infant feeding must be taken care of and used by adults. The nipple should not be used as a mouthpiece or a pacifier.
  ※Tips (must see)
   1. Because this product is fragile, we will carefully package it before delivery, but we can't guarantee the absolute safety during transportation. Just in case, please check the goods before signing. If there is damage, please reject it. We will arrange for a replacement as soon as possible. If you contact us after signing, there is no way to accept the return or replacement, please understand.
   2. The temperature difference of glass can only be 70 degrees, so pouring hot water can easily cause cracks to cause explosion. When disinfecting, it is necessary to start disinfection with cold water. It is not possible to put the bottle into the bottle after boiling water, and it is easy to cause cracks and cause the bottle to burst.