All-In-One Salon Quality Styling Iron

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Throw out your curling irons, hair straighteners and hair wands--the Iron replaces them all. Now you can create a beautiful head of curls in a matter of minutes! Depending on the style you’re going for, we’re talking 10 minutes or less...seriously! Even better, the curls should last 2-3 days (or more). We guarantee these results and offer free one-on-one sessions with our Virtual Stylists to teach you how to get the curls you've always wanted and maintain a healthy head of hair with minimal effort.

What's included:

All-in-one styling iron (Salon Quality) 

30 day money back guarantee 

Heat Sleeve / Travel Sleeve 

Instructions Manual 

Our Guarantee:

100% Authentic Product 

No questions asked refund policy 

Award winning customer support