3-Piece Moldable Glue

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This extraordinary moldable glue is designed for fixing, making, and improving your stuff. It's the only glue in the world that sticks to almost anything, molds like play-dough, and cures overnight into a durable silicone rubber.

This is a patented formula that has earned dozens of awards and global scientific recognition.
Super Adhesive - sticks to almost anything and safer than epoxy formulas!
Waterproof - Once it's cured, it's waterproof just like any rubber.
Heat Resistant - It can handle heat up to 180 C (356 F).
Cold Resistant - It's used by Arctic explorers as well as people who need to fix refrigerators.
Strong and Durable - a hook made from this glue can hold up to 2kg of weight. Gorilla style!
Removable - Just slice it off with a knife and scrape off residue.
Grippy - Makes slippy things less so! Comes in 5 different colors!
Makes for an AMAZING gift for someone who LOVES fixing things!