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These gel pads can stick to glass mirrors, whiteboards, metal kitchen cabinets, or tile car GPS and any other flat surface

If there is dust or dirt, fixation effect will be decreased, but don't worry, just wash the furniture pads and the fixation effect will recovery, and it can be reused up to 200 times. and hot environment will not affect the sticky capability, but please avoid extreme hot conditions.

Can be used for phone sticky when you driving a car, or can be used in kitchen room, also can used as small things collection, and the sticky capability very strong but if you want to stick very large and heavy and expensive things, please use several fixate gel pad to securely hold your object to the desired surface. Strong, extendable, durable, Malleable, reusable, multifunctional is her characteristic.

Buy one and get one, there will be around one and an angle one in the pack, buy the round one get the angled gel pad for free.