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The Gold Bio Collagen Lip Mask creates full-lip appearance, reduces fine lines, wrinkles and creases, hydrates, softens and firms skin above & below lip area. It treats dry and chapped lips by moisturizes above and below lips hence it also helps in reducing signs of aging. The Gold Bio Collagen Lip Mask also acts as cell renewal and lip volumizer. The Nano-Gold Particles in it is the key to penetrate the dermis rejuvenating collagen deep into the skin which activates cell renewal, eliminates toxins, adds volume to your lips giving a fuller plumper look. At the same time the nano-gold particles enhance firmness and elasticity, reduces the fine lines, wrinkles and crow's-feet around the lips.

Avoid using on sunburned, scratched or sensitive skin.
Stop using the products if you feel any discomfort.
Keep away from children.
Store in cool dry place.
Avoid heat or sunlight.
Do not freeze it.

1. Cleanse facial area thoroughly and dry.
2. Open package and peel off the liner. In order to achieve the best results, use the patch immediately after opening the foil.
3. Apply the lip patch on your lips, and press down gently to make sure there is good skin contact. Wear it for about 30 minutes or while you sleep (but not more than 12 hours).
4. Remove lip mask gently. Do not reuse the lip mask.