Whopper Plopper Topwater Lure

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The specially designed tail of the River2Sea® Whopper Plopper makes it an irresistible muskie target. Made of soft and pliable plastic, the tail rotates on the harness to create attractive rumbles at varying speeds and depths. In addition, the tail is made to withstand hard blows and water hazards.

Built with X-Strong hooks, hook hangers, and wires, the Whopper Plopper is one of the most durable topwater lures found in any tackle box. The brand new Whopper Plopper 110 completes the Plopper family. Serving as the missing link between the 130 and 90 versions, the 110 produces the same eye-catching, water churning action that lurking predators just can't resist. Promising to be one of the most popular baits this year, don't be caught without a Whopper Plopper 110.