Smart Phone Hand

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There are times when two hands are just not enough. You need a third to hold your phone. Too bad it's not possible. You can get the next best thing though. Just mount your phone onto the Smart Phone Hand and free up both your hands for other stuff today!

With the SmartPhone Hand You Can ...

• Use Its Powerful Suction Base To Mount Your Phone Almost Anywhere

• Use Both Hands Freely And Still View Your Phone

• Position The Phone To Your Desired Angle and Height Use it when you are ...

• Driving and Using GPS And Navigation Apps

• Working On Your Computer While Having A Conference Call

• Working On Your Art (Drawing, Painting, Handicraft, Model Building)

• Cooking and Following Instructions Online

• Away From Your Loved Ones and Calling Home Mount your phone on your windshield, office table, kitchen counter, bathroom wall and more with the Smart Phone Mount. Use your phone hands-free and do other stuff like driving, working, cooking and even eating.

Material: Aluminium Alloy + ABS Plastic