RC Wall Climbing Transformer

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Why you choose our remote control RC wall climbing
deformation robot stunt car.

-The toy car combines 5 main stunts: land crawl; wall climbing
stunt;360 degree rotate;climbing glass; Deformation robot stunt
-Multi-function available for play: the toy car can run forward,
backward,turn left or right and 360 degree rotating.

-A best fashion gift for children and parents: it is not only a toy
to bring fun and joy to kids but also it is an enlightenment
learning tool for kids to develop hands and brain coordination,
logical thinking,creativity, linguistic ability and so on ability.

-The chassis is solid, the deformation car is more flexible in the
performance and deformation;Flexible steering wheel, delicate
and firm structure; The top and tail of the car are as rich as a
fighter wing.