Power Tube 3000

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BUILT-IN LIGHTNING & USB CONNECTOR -- Apple MFi certified Lightning connector to charge iPhone and iPod with Lightning connector, built-in USB connector supports recharging to POWER TUBE 3000. No extra cable is needed.

SMART APP MONITOR : Free JuiceSync 2 APP monitors and manages the battery in terms of hours, percentage, temperature, distance, also will alert users when POWER TUBE is low battery, fully charged, high temperature or far away.

SELFIE SHUTTER : Simply connect Power Tube with your phone. Then, press power button on Power Tube twice and you can have your picture taken! It is easy and fun!

POWERPOINT SLIDE CONTROLLER : Connect Power Tube to your computer via Bluetooth and then you can slide a PPT to next page or previous page by Power Tube.

RING ME FUNCTION : When you can¡ ̄t find your phone but it is connecting with Power Tube, just press power button on Power Tube for 3s to make your phone ring and then find it.