Nylon Scoop Shaped Spoon Colander

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With this Nylon Scoop Shaped Spoon Colander, you can scoop and drain food straight from the oven or out of the pan. It is perfect for scooping up pasta, poached eggs, large volumes of vegetables, serving tater tots or anything else that needs to be dished up from a hot pan.


Material: Nylon 

Size: 3.46 x 4.92 x 2.36 inches 

Color: Black, Green, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue 

It is easy to clean, lightweight, and convenient 

It is thick and durable, also a heat-resistant cookware 

With easy-grip silicone handle and integrated pan hooks 

Ideal for straining and serving vegetables, pasta, and fried food 

Scoop drains straight from a hot pan and rests on the side of a pan for draining 

Heat resistant up to 200-degree celsius/392-degree 

Fahrenheit; suitable for non-stick cookware 

Package Inclusion:

1 x Nylon Scoop Shaped Spoon Colander