HandyPen Multi-Purpose BallPoint Pen

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This pen can save your life! HandyPen™ the 7-in-1 Multi-Purpose Ballpoint Pen empowers you like no other. It provides the priceless benefits of the following: Regular pen (either in black or blue ink) No one regrets bringing a pen everywhere they go! Stylus pen for smartphones and tablets.

Who doesn't have a smartphone or a tablet these days? Built-in spirit level. Make sure all pictures are hung perfectly, for example! Ruler (cm and in) A flat-head screwdriver. Need a screwdriver for an emergency? No Problem! A Phillips screwdriver, which is concealed at the tip of the pen.

Made of high quality metal, this pen will exceed your expectations. Imagine the conveniences you can enjoy just by having it in your pocket. Available in various colors: Black, Silver, Red, Green, Blue Available in two ink colors: Black or Blue Durable and easy to carry Showcase your creativity and create memories that will last a lifetime!