Fidget Roller

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1. Basic play Gently push with the palm of your hand, rolling back and forth. When you are familiar with rolling, try to practise rolling in triangle and square shape.

2. Advanced play Roll over the Fidget Roller from left to right with hand and control to hover on the back of the hand.

Control the FIdget Roller with hands at the same time, rolling over in the shape of square.

3. Expert 

play Flip Fidget Roller to left with right hand, catch it and Hover in the back of the left hand.

Throw it to the air and let it rotate 360 degrees. Finally let it stand upright firmly with right hand.

Roll the Fidget Roller side by side with one hand 

Roll five Fidget Rollers at the same time

4.Play with friends 

Battle mode: People sit side by side or site opposite, roll forward to the other side alternately.

Relay mode: Three or more people stand in a row, tumble like marathon relay Material: Plastic, very safe to children

Application: Child over 6 years old and adults