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The Faucet Nozzle turns your regular old faucet into a nifty, handy and extended faucet. This nozzle allows you to change the water to a spray shower-like head or back into the normal full flowing setting. The two modes make it easier to wash dishes and gives you that expensive faucet, without the overhaul.


Adjustable Pressure - Adjust the pressure in your water whenever you need to. Clean fruits, vegetables, and your sink easily with the Faucet Nozzle. Just turn the knob on the side of the nozzle to increase or decrease the pressure.


Flexible Nozzle - You don't need to limit yourself to where your faucet can reach. The Faucet Nozzle is a flexible nozzle that you can adjust over the sink in the angle that you need.


Let's your Kids Reach the Water - The Faucet Nozzle extends your faucet so you can let your kids reach for the water easily.


Attaches to Faucets Easily - The Faucet Nozzle is easy to attach to your faucet. Just fix the nozzle around your faucet, screw the band tight so it's secure, and use! The Faucet Nozzle can fit into most rounded faucets.


Product Specifications:
Material: ABS, PVC
Size: 18 cm x 4.5cm x 4.5cm
Available Colors: Blue and white, Pink and white, Green and white


Package Includes:
1 x Faucet Nozzle