Face Muscles Training Wand

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Want a younger looking face? Try this Facial Muscles Training Wand, a beauty gadget originated from Japan. It helps to exercise your face, giving you a brighter and younger smile. Its unique rhythmical technology has been created in consultation with experts to be intuitive yet effective to use. Simply amazing!! The wand uses the theory of concentrated load, creating balanced exercise on both sides of your face. Using this will strengthen your facial muscles and tighten your skin! About this Product:

Use 3 different Technologies - Sympathetic vibration, distance, mouth support.

Trains your face for a more beautiful and toned face. 

Facial muscle training in resonance motion for only 30 seconds 

Contains 3 balance blocks with 3 different weights (18g, 23g, and 28g) 

Face lifting, face skin tightening and wrinkle reduction! 

Simple to use. Hold on to the white mouthpiece and shake your head up and down, driving both ends of the balance blocks to shake.

Do this over 30 seconds, twice a day and you will notice your face being sculpted and toned.