Charger Cable Glowing Flow

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This is probably the flashiest and coolest way to charge your phones  and devices. This Flowing Light Cable allows you to "watch" how your devices are being charged. A smart device that's not only visually impressive, but highly functional too.

"See" charging current running from your charger or PC into your phone. The USB cable light moves in sync with energy current flow through Electroluminescent (EL) Technology - a process where in electroluminescent material mimics energy current movement, creating a visual illusion to let you see how fast power is being loaded on your phone.

It also works as a Charging Indicator. The EL Light movement depends on how fast current is running in the cable. It moves fast on charging mode and gradually slows down as your phone's battery power increases and stops when battery is fully charged.

Functions as a Lightning Cable that allows you to charge in high speed up to 2.1 amp.

Sync and transfer data with data transmission speed up to 480Mb/s.
Simultaneously backup files or transfer pictures, music and videos to and fro your laptop or desktop computer all while charging at the same time.
Flat wire design makes it less prone to tangles
With durable TPE cover that helps in prevention of overheating.
No other charging cable can get any better than this. It's cool, it's functional, it's awesome.

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