Boot Puller

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Store Description Want to be able to remove your boots without having to bend over and tug at those laces? The Boot Puller is the tool you need! Use it to pull off work boots, hiking boots, high heels- any type of boot under the sun.

It speeds up boot removing, letting you pull off boots in an instant. It's perfect for working folk, farmers, construction workers, the elderly, disabled, or people with body pain.

Features and benefits: Easy usage. Remove your boots in no time at all! Simply step on the grooved portion of the Boot Puller, place your other boot in the slot, and pull. It'll come right off. Fits any boot. It fits all boot and shoe shapes and sizes thanks to an ergonomic taper design. Cleans boots. On top of providing a sure grip, the grooved surface also allows you to scrape off dirt and mud from your work boots.