8Bitdo Zero GamePad

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A tiny controller with the full functionality of a full size gamepad, the 8Bitdo Bluetooth Controller offers the most portable and convenient way to play your mobile games on the move.

With its petite body and delicate design, 8Bitdo Bluetooth Controller can be carried on your key ring. At less than half the size of an iPhone 6, the controller features a standard D-pad, four face buttons and 2 shoulder buttons (L1 & L2), allowing you to play a huge variety of games instantly.

8Bitdo Bluetooth Controller redefines the D-pad and gives your thumb the smoothest sensation it has been craving for. Its four-way design enhances the control precision and allows unparalleled accuracy with every move. In addition, the application of silicon as the chosen material has made it softer to press. The four-face buttons are also made of silicon to ensure the soft touch and button resilience. The material has been through a rigorous assessment by professionals and the speed of its rebound after being pressed has been fixed at the required level for the right strength.

For selfie lovers, Instagrammers and general photography lovers, 8Bitdo Bluetooth Controller can also be used as a wireless shutter controller to ensure that you capture those precious moments for with just one click. 

Simply turn on the device, switch on the camera on your smartphone and click!